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Create a simple site to show what you know and connect with your audience.

Mom, communicator and designer of user-centered products and services with more than 10 years of experience, focused on understanding the behavior and needs of users and then convert this knowledge into the main asset for building a business strategy, product or physical or online experience.

¿ What can you do with iAmaLink ?

The best way to boost your personal brand, give visibility and traffic to your projects and create an audience (databases) and communicate with it through video messages.

A site for your personal brand

A single link as a base of operations for your entire online presence. Make people find you and know what you do and know.

Create your link and share it
A link that you can put in the profiles of your social networks, in the signature of your mail or in your business card. A minimalist and modern Profile with all the information of your personal brand.
Create a list of all your websites
List the urls of all your websites with a brief description so that your audience can find the page of your business, your blog or your portfolio.
Create and connect with your audience
Build a database without intermediaries and through a unique format. Let them send you questions and answer them through personalized video messages. Let the conversation begin.

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